The conflict in Ukraine has triggered a dramatic exodus of people who, deprived of their security and terrified by the bombardments, are trying to save themselves and their most precious possessions, including their beloved pets. To date, at least 300,000 Ukrainians are crossing the borders into the European Union.

57,000 refugees have reached the frontier with Romania, and there are enormous queues, some 15 kilometers long, in the north-east part of the country.

Save the Dogs is closely following the situation as it evolves in order to assess the impact on the animals and be able to identify any potential emergencies.

President Sara Turetta left for Romania this morning so that she can be on site to get a better understanding of how we can help the animals.
The situation is far from clear, but we at Save the Dogs will absolutely do our part to assist where we can. Over the next few days we will update you on what can be done to assist these animals.
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