Vi gratulerar SaveTheDogs till BeHonest-certifieringen!

“Save the Dogs has always placed the highest importance on guaranteeing the quality of every single action undertaken by the association. It is for this reason that we have taken the decision to be assessed and evaluated, as we believe that the only way to progress, improve and differentiate ourselves is to be able to meet the highest standards possible, as well as being fully aware of our strengths and any weaknesses. Attaining the BEHONEST® certification is a further step towards ensuring the effectiveness of our work and demonstrating even greater transparency to our donors.”
Sara Turetta, President and Founder of Save the Dogs.

Vi gratulerar varmt vår samarbetspartner SaveTheDogs till BeHonest-certifieringen. Vi ÄR, har alltid VARIT och kommer alltid att VARA stolta att samarbeta med er!

Syftet med certifieringen är att garantera trovärdigheten hos de som arbetar inom den icke-kommersiella sektorn och skydda de som donerar till verksamheter inom välfärdssektorn.

BEHONEST® är ett icke-kommersiellt nätverk som efter en grundlig revision bedömer och certifierar ofta volontärbetonade och donationsberoende organisationer. SaveTheDogs är den ENDA djurskyddsorganisation i Italien som erhållit denna certifiering.

As part of the Save the Dogs audit process, BEHONEST® focused on seven key areas of interest: legal compliance, transparency, management and human resources, operational and social management, accounting, administrative and economic policy, sustainability, fundraising and technical analysis of performance. BEHONEST® was also able to carry out an in-depth verification of the way in which Save the Dogs has made transparency and accountability integral aspects of their core, indispensable values. The association’s annual financial statements, social reports, statutes and organigrams are all freely available for consultation on the website.

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