Nu i januari firar Hundhjälpen och Save The Dogs 10 år av samarbete.
Nedan text är skriven av Save The Dogs grundare, Sara Turetta:

In 2004 I was living on my own in Cernavoda, Romania, feeling totally overwhelmed by the amount of dogs rescued or dumped daily at our small shelter. Italy was welcoming very few dogs and I was desperate  – what would I do with all these beautiful, friendly animals?

The answer came in autumn, after my father visited me for the first time and saw the difficult situation I was facing there. He went back to Italy and – without informing me– he started looking for an organization in Sweden that could lend a helping hand to his daughter.
And amazingly enough, he found it.

In January 2005 the first Romanian dog reached Sweden through Hundhjälpen, the charity my dad had contacted – Mozart (this was his name) was a small, smart stray dog who had jumped in the car which my father was driving throughout Romania, the autumn before.

Ten years later, more than 1.000 Romanian furry friends have been re-homed thanks to the wonderful partnership between Hundhjälpen and Save the Dogs.  The collaboration has not only saved more than one thousand of lives, but has brought closer countries and people who had very little contact in the past – Swedes and Romanians – and us Italians – and promoted feelings of solidarity and gratitude among us all., something which should be within the spirit of Europe and which too often our officials and institutions tend to forget.

Without Hundhjälpen we would have been forced to close the doors of our shelters to hundreds and hundreds of animals in need – and the spirit of the staff would have been severely affected by the overcrowding of our facilities. Together we have written so many happy endings and I am sure that many more will come in the next 10 years – thousands of Romanian strays still need our help and for them we are still the only chance of survival.

Thank you Linda, thank you Hundhjälpen, volunteers and adopters. Thank you Sweden.

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