Protestera mot ASPAs agerande!

De hemska nyheterna från i fredags, när ASPA bröt sig in i ett privat hägn och stal 90 hundar, har berört många. Hundhjälpen har mailat den rumänska ambassaden och uppmuntrar våra medlemmar att göra detsamma.


Ämne: ASPA illegal break-in in private Bucharest dog shelter

To the Romanian Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden

We are AGAIN chocked by the endless cruelty to dogs taking place in Romania. Friday 21st March 2014, ASPA, the official authority responsible for the stray dog situation, broke into the private, Vier Pfoten dog shelter in Bucharest where they brutally removed 90 dogs, all vaccinated, microchipped and with health cards – many waiting to travel to their adoptive families in the United Kingdom. Dogs under veterinary treatment were removed from their kennels as well with terrible suffering as a result. The extreme brutality exercised by the authority left dead dogs behind on the ground. All is documented on films now circulating It´s time to bring back the rule of law in Bucharest and all over Romania. The manager of ASPA,  Razvan Bancescu should IMMEDIATELY be removed from his post  being  the person with the ultimate responsibility for this criminal act and thereby a shame for your nation. The dogs stolen from the shelter, brought by ASPA  to the municipal shelter Bragadiru should IMMEDIATELY be given back to Vier Pfoten – who should also be compensated for damages done at the shelter.

Corruption at every level is jeopardizing all efforts made by foreign organizations in helping the animals of Romania – and should be addressed urgently and forcefully. You are now a member of the European Union and expected to live up to the standards.  Acitivites in Romania are closely followed in Sweden.

Underskrift namn, stad

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